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The hardware store 10-4 is a family-owned business with six physical stores and a strong online presence. For many years, the catalogue has been an important part of the business, that has slowly moved from print to online. As a company that is always looking for ways to improve, 10-4 identified great potential in creating digital catalogues that are optimized to engage and inspire its readers on digital devices.

This is why the use of seasonally relevant videos, environmental images and guides are prioritized highly in 10-4's new AVIOU catalogues. Through efficient communication, 10-4 has increased customer interest with the new digital format and increased session duration by 38,6% compared to their previous pdf catalogues.

Today, 10-4 distribute all their B2C catalogues digitally, which they use to ensure a continued strong position in the market.


More catalogues in less time

With AVIOU, 10-4 has also reduced their production time spent per catalogue to a third of what they used creating flipbook PDFs. According to 10-4, this is largely due to the ease of building publications using products from the feed, which has significantly reduced the manual labour previously required. Another time saver is the automatic price update via the feed, which means that the prices in the catalogues are always up to date.

Less work - more sales

In addition to the significant time and resource savings in the production of their catalogues, 10-4 has also increased sales through them. The inspiring and mobile-friendly catalogues have resulted in a session value that is 21,9% higher than their previous solution.

Based on the combination of easier creation and higher yield, 10-4 has decided to increase the frequency of catalogues. By 2023, the ambition is to almost double the amount of catalogues to maximize customer engagement and secure their solid market position.

It has become much easier for us to produce quick catalogues because all our products are available on the platform for quick building. We also appreciate the close dialogue with AVIOU, who are extremely responsive to our feedback in the ongoing development of the system.

- Malene Smedegaard, Web and Marketing Coordinator

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Since its foundation in 1947, 10-4 has been a family-owned business for three generations. The core values of all the chain's six stores are great prices, good service and trustworthyness.

Three advantages for 10-4

checkmark-blue Drastically reduced catalogue production time
checkmark-blue Catalogues have become mobile-friendly
checkmark-blue Good dialogue and support from the AVIOU team

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