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How Coolshop boost the impact of their flash sale campaigns

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How do you get the most out of an ambitious campaign?

This was the question the massive e-commerce player, Coolshop, asked themselves. December is an important month for all e-commerce players and the competition for customers attention is fierce. To create urgency and boost sales in the important month, Coolshop decided to do a series of flash sales, that offered customers new deals every 24 hours for two whole weeks. They drove traffic to a classic product category page and relied on product images and discounts to convert visitors.

After one week of flash sales, they saw decent results. But they wanted to make sure, that they got the most out of their efforts and was already in contact with AVIOU


New campaign content every 24 hours

Together we made a plan. To utilize the flexibility and effectiveness of AVIOU, we prepared for Coolshop to publish a new inspirational product universe every single day for a week. To increase the sense of urgency even further, we made countdowns and highlighted discount splatters in all catalogues.

Every day at 12 pm, Coolshop made a list of products they wanted to highlight for their flash sale. After categorizing the selected products, an inspirational presentation of the deals was made in just three hours. At 15 pm, Coolshop would then schedule the newly created flash sale to go live on their website at midnight.

At the end of the week, Coolshop had made seven unique flash sale publications that provided customers with new deals and inspiring content every single day.

Better performance across the board

Coolshop experienced significant boosts in their sales in the week using AVIOU. Compared to the first week, the catalogue improved their conversion rate by 61%. The inspirational product presentation even made visitors more engaged in the deals, spending 51% longer time on the page. Finally, customers even bought more products, when browsing through the AVIOU catalogue, increasing session value by 75%.

Obviously, Coolshops’ experience with AVIOU was a massive success, and since then Coolshop has used our publication builder to ensure maximum potential of all their Christmas, New years and Valentines campaigns.

AVIOU enables us to easily create product pages, that are tailored specifically for each of our campaigns. Our experience is that the catalogue is far more inspiring to customers than a normal landing page, which evidently increases their intent to purchase.

- Maria Lykke Hansen, Head of Marketing

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Coolshop is a major scandinavian webshop, which offers products related to gaming, toys, fashion and audio. The company has existed since 2001 and has more than 2 million customers in the Nordics.

Three advantages for Coolshop

checkmark-blue Creating campaign based on their own data and creatives
checkmark-blue Increased agility in campaign planning
checkmark-blue A tailored customer experience

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