Shoppable Branding:

Sell brand products in inspirational universes

Shoppable branding is the ability to present a brand and its products in an aesthetically motivating way while simultaneously making it easy for the consumer to make a purchase.
With shoppable branding your brand won’t need to compromise to create sales, providing a perfect balance between branding and conversion.

Bridging the gap between branding and selling

AVIOU lets you create non-compromise branding all the while maintaining the ability to purchase. Use discrete hot spots to draw attention to the fact that customers can actually buy into the engaging brand universe they are exploring.


Create a captivating brand universe

Use your great images and videos to create a brand journey for your customers. Create a setting and set the mood to fit your brand identity to make sure that you leave the right impression and nurture the visitors' intent to purchase.


Increase brand engagement

Maintain your customer's attention for longer and make sure that they stay engaged on your site. On average visitors spend 71% longer on pages with Shoppable Branding while also viewing 58% more pages per session compared to visitors who haven't engaged with Shoppable Branding content.


Examples combined 4v2

Get four live examples

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