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How Skoringen uses digital catalogues to improve their brand engagement

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Becoming a premium brand

The renowned shoe retailer, Skoringen, has been a known brand for many years with physical stores all over Denmark. While strong regarding in-store sales, they also wanted to strengthen their online presence. As a part of this transformation, they also wished to brand themselves as a premium retailer with excellent service and high-quality products.

The upcoming autumn and winter collections were the perfect occasion to do this. Skoringen wanted to make an inspirational universe that invoked a feeling of quality and authenticity. To them the most important thing was not only sales generated, but that their new catalogues engaged their visitors and made them spend more time interacting with their brand.

Until now Skoringen had produced PDF catalogues for online distribution, but didn't actually print them. They started questioning whether there was a way to make catalogues optimized for digital devices instead of print formats, and as such began looking for a new solution.


Heavy focus on creativity and inspiration

Skoringen had looked at some of AVIOUs clients and was drawn by the visual universes that our platform enabled them to create. Looking at this, they immediately knew that AVIOU was the perfect fit for their needs.

After a smooth setup and efficient onboarding, their graphic designers were pleased with how easy the platform is to use. Shortly after the introduction to the platform, they were able to get started on their catalogues. To achieve their goal of branding themselves as a high-quality retailer, they decided to put more focus on the aesthetics of the catalogues and less focus on discounts. In a matter of days, they had created beautiful and authentic catalogues, that had that appealing premium feel they aimed for.


Increased brand engagement through inspiration

The catalogues has the impact on engagement they hoped for. With a low bounce rate and an impressive average session duration of 6 minutes, they completely outperformed their old PDF-catalogues. In addition, their average order value for users who browsed their catalogue was 25% higher than their average customers. Through intelligent technology and beautiful design, Skoringen had succeeded in delivering their customers an appealing and engaging universe.

As an additional win for Skoringen, they were able to insource the production of their inspirational universe to their marketing department and are today able to swiftly produce stunning and effective catalogues.

With AVIOU, we have modernised our catalogues to fit into the digital world. This means that catalogues are easier to create, more user-friendly and more effective at keeping our customers' attention.

- Ulrik Egede Christensen, Omnichannel Manager

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Skoringen is a danish nationwide shoe retailer that offers professional expertise on shoes for both children and adults.

Key features for Skoringen

  Easy to use and provides high flexibility in production

  Room for creativity and experimentation

  Possibility to create digital experiences tailored for mobile

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