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How SPORT 24 get the most out of their digital catalogues

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Split test: AVIOU vs. PDF catalogue

How do you optimize the effectiveness of a digital catalogue?

At the end of autumn approaching the busy November and December months, SPORT 24 was wondering the same question. They had seen a decline in interest in printed catalogues and wanted to increase their efforts on digital publications. They already used flip-able PDFs but knew that static and non-mobile-friendly format was limiting the potential of their digital catalogues. To solve this issue, SPORT 24 decided to incorporate AVIOU into their marketing tech stack to test if they could provide customers with a better experience and optimize the value of their catalogues.


Split testing a PDF catalogue and AVIOU

SPORT 24 set up a split-test between their original flip-PDF catalogue and that of AVIOU. Half of visitors would end up on the PDF-catalogue and the other half would reach the AVIOU catalogue. Same products and discounts. The major difference was the layout and additional features of AVIOU: feed-based, responsive and add-to-cart integrated. They decided to run the test for two weeks to gather solid data about the performance.

A tripled conversion rate

SPORT 24 registered massive increase on multiple parameters. The improved user friendliness of AVIOU had a remarkable impact on their catalogue performance. Their conversion rate more than doubled and visitor value tripled. Furthermore, visitors spent almost three times as long on their site compared to their flip-able PDFs.

After reviewing the result, it was clear to SPORT 24 that AVIOU had earned a solid spot in their marketing toolbox for creating future catalogues.

Our AVIOU catalogues are much more mobile-friendly than our former PDF-solution and as a result we see a significant increase in our conversion rate.

- René Iversen, Marketing Automation Specialist

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SPORT 24 is a big sports retailer with more than 100 physical stores all over Denmark. As well as physical stores, they also operate an online store with more than 10 000 products.

Three advantages for SPORT 24

checkmark-blue Their customers can shop directly from the catalogue
checkmark-blue Automatic updating of product info and prices
checkmark-blue A catalogue optimized for mobile

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